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Leon Dimino


Leon holds a Dip Eng (Hydraulic) and brings more than 15 years of in-field experience. He is an astute project manager with holistic hydraulic engineering skills.

An experienced and seasoned senior fire and hydraulic engineer, Leon specialises in designing and building hydraulics, project management and infrastructure assessment, ranging from high-end residential to industrial warehouses.

Sparks+Partners hydraulics team takes pride in its client focus. We listen to you carefully and collaborate with you so that we can create the best-fit design to the most complex engineering challenges and stringent project requirements. The results are unique, cost-effective outcomes tailored to each project.

Quality problem-solving is critical to the design process for each individual brief. Sparks+Partners can be relied on to find environmentally sound, energy-efficient, cost-sensitive water supply systems that work for you.

Sparks+Partners’ innovative approach to hydraulics can be applied during any phase of your project, from initial concepts to design, budgeting, authority approvals and liaison, staged construction, delivery and finally, client sign-off.

Hydraulic Accredited Certifier
  • NSW Certifier – Hydraulic (Building) BDC3360 (formerly C14 Accredited Certifier)
  • Accredited Practitioner (Fire Safety) Fire Systems Design (formerly Competent Fire Safety Practitioner (CFSP))
  • QBCC Hydraulic Services Design {Nominee Supervisor} 15025081
  • ACT COLA Plumbing Plan Certifier 20201300
  • TAS Building Services Provider Individual Licence 369034327
  • NT Certifying Plumber and Drainer (Design) 307518PD
Industry Memberships
  • Hydraulic Consultants Association of Australasia (HCAA) Full Member 32824
  • Institute of Plumbing Australia Member MIPA 792
  • Association of Hydraulic Services Consultants Australia (AHSCA) 2019-007-NSW
Hydraulic Specialties
  • Project Management
  • Industrial Hydraulic Design
  • Fire Safety Services
  • Infrastructure
  • Quality Assurance
  • Coldwater design and warm water systems
  • Back-flow prevention
  • Heat trace, hot water plants, and reticulations
  • Point of use systems
  • Rainwater re-use systems, filtration, and reticulation
  • Sewer drainage, sanitary plumbing, and Vacuum drainage
  • Individual lots, multi-storey, subdivision estate scale
  • Gas reticulation for both Natural and LPG
  • Trade waste drainage and applications
  • Roof drainage, box, and eaves gutter design and downpipes
  • Stormwater detention, retention, and sub-soil design
  • Liaison with authorities and suppliers including councils, utilities and services, such as Sydney Water and Jemena

Upholding our reputation in quality hydraulic engineering

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