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Hybrid Workplace


Sparks+Partners' Hybrid Workplace

In response to a post-pandemic existence Sparks+Partners Consulting Engineers’ team members have transitioned to hybrid working arrangements indefinitely. Most of our team’s hybrid arrangements are split between 60% remote (work-from-home) and 40% onsite (in-office). Over a 5-day week this equates to a 3:2 day ratio. Some team members have adjusted their hybrid arrangement for better work-life balance. We are happy to accommodate people’s personal and professional needs to foster stronger working relationships and healthy working outcome.

Our hybrid solution dually supports the wider community in the ongoing prevention of the transmission of COVID-19 or any future disease. It is also to support our team, their families and lifestyles with a more considerate and thoughtful approach.

Sparks+Partners hybrid workplace operates with minimal interruption to you, your projects and business.

We have upgraded our technology and office to remove any barriers from our hybrid workplace. Including faster stable internet, more communication channels and options, improved workforce and workplace conditions and easy access to support and resources our team needs to be their best productive selves. Remaining safe and healthy and of course, keeping your project running is the over-arching theme of our hybrid architecture.

Along with most other workplaces, Sparks+Partners are a fully digital and promote video-conferences in place of any non-essential travel and face-to-face meetings. We are available via email and phone to help with your questions or arrange online conferences.

Where critical stage meetings and inspections are unavoidable, we ask that any meeting participants adhere to any public Government health recommendations in place at the time. Our team are supplied and equipped with appropriate PPE for physical site visits and meetings they need to attend.

We strive to deliver professional services to the best of our abilities.


Contact Us

Our hybrid workplace means we have made small yet significant changes to how we communicate. 

Sparks+Partners have updated each team member’s email footer with additional contact details and information on any specific work arrangements that may effect communication or response times. Check your most recent email correspondence for the latest information. 

We recommend you use email to contact us. If you have the email or phone number of the person you wish to make an enquiry with, please contact them directly. For new enquiries, try our friendly chatbot to help us put you in touch with the best team member for your project.



Sparks+Partners Thank You

Please contact us for further information on our hybrid workplace or if you have any concerns or questions about current or future work with the Sparks+Partners team.