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COVID-19 Response Updates


Sparks+Partners' COVID-19 Response

Dear valued clients,

Please be advised that approximately 60% of Sparks+Partners Consulting Engineers’ employees are working remotely in the safety of their own homes. This action is part of our response to support the community in the prevention of the transmission of COVID-19.

Sparks+Partners is continuing business operations as best is practical in a whole-of-team remote working arrangement. Like everyone, we are doing our absolute best to manage the COVID-19 outbreak with minimal interruption to your and our businesses as possible.

We ask for your patience during these changeable times as we work through technology barriers, including internet demands and limitations. Resolving communication channels, workforce and workplace conditions, remaining safe and healthy and of course, keeping your project running.

We also request our clients minimise all non-essential meetings and inspections in support of the directives laid out by the State and Federal Governments (daily) to curb the spread of COVID-19.

Sparks+Partners have transitioned to digital communication and recommend teleconferencing and video-conferencing in place of any non-essential (physical) gatherings. We are available via email, phone and mobile to help with your questions or arrange online conferences.

Where critical stage meetings and inspections are unavoidable, we ask that any meeting participants adhere to the Government’s latest recommendations regarding human contact and social distancing. The directives cover; reducing the number of people that can gather, allowing a 2-metre distance between individuals, wearing of PPE and no physical touching. In our business context, we consider physical touching to mainly be greetings like handshakes, high-fives, fist bumps, hugs, and whatever you do to say hello!

We trust that everyone will be doing their best to flatten the curve. Please respect and observe the latest Government directives at meetings, inspections and alike; otherwise, we grant our employees the right to express their concerns and exit the situation. Sparks+Partners cannot put our staff’s, the team’s or the greater community’s health and safety at risk during this pandemic.

These are unprecedented and unquestionably testing times for everyone. We realise no one will go unaffected by this global health disaster.

The Directors at Sparks+Partners Consulting Engineers, want to reassure you our team and we are working tirelessly to implement precautionary measures to ensure the health, safety and security of our people – this includes you, our valued clients.

We will continue to deliver professional services to the best of our abilities. We wish you all a safe and healthy return to business as usual when this unusual business ends.

Please contact us for further information if you have any concerns or questions about current or future work with the Sparks+Partners team.


How to Contact Us

Sparks+Partners have updated our email footers with additional details and instructions. Check your recent email correspondence for the latest information. We recommend you use email as your first tool of contact. If you have the email of the person you wish to contact please send them your enquiry.


Keeping our Community Safe

Sparks+Partners have taken prompt and immediate action to help stop the spread of COVID-19 in the community. We are reviewing our action plan daily in line with the latest State and Federal Government announcements and directives. 

Our team and management are working hard to keep clients and projects up-to-date and adapting our work practices to the current environment. We are also trying to find creative solutions to help us all keep working during this time of uncertainty. 

Ultimately, we believe these are temporary inconveniences and changes to our business and workplace considering the gravity of the unfolding pandemic. Time is of the essence, and we ask for patience and calm while we work through this together.

COVIDSafe Workplace
Adhering to Latest Government Directives
Staff Communication and Updates
Remote Workforce
Staff onsite at any given day 40%
Social Distancing Practised AT ALL TIMES
Office Workstations spaced 1.5 m
Office Hygiene Standards Implemented
Office Hand Wash and Sanitiser supplied - Download the Hand Washing Guide NOW
Periodic Office Cleaning (Daily)
Drive-in and Parking for Onsite Crew
Vulnerable and Unwell Staff Home (for 14 Days or Until Further Notice)

Sparks+Partners Thank You

In such changeable times, it crucial that we deliver the best information and strategies we can to you. The implications of the continued spread of this virus are unknown and irreversible. It will impact life as we know it. Especially if we don’t take appropriate action to stop the spread.

Dig deep, stay strong, remain safe, be considerate and help flatten the curve. We are are all in this together.

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  • National Coronavirus (COVID‑19) this site is regularly updated to give you the latest news, updates and advice from government agencies across Australia
  • Government response to the COVID-19 outbreak for information on how Australia is prepared for major incidents like pandemics. Find out how the Australian Government is responding to the COVID-19 pandemic, who we are working with to limit the spread of the virus and what you can do to help.

Thank you from Sparks+Partners Management