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PolAir Facility Bankstown

Bankstown Airport is undergoing a $35 million upgrade to NSW PolAir base. Taylor partnered with Sydney Metro Airports, Altis Property Partners and NSW Police Force to deliver the design and construction of new facilities for NSW Police Aviation Support Branch (PolAir). The new facilities are sited at Bankstown Airport, Sydney, NSW and are owned and managed by Bankstown Airport Limited with the NSW Police as a long-term tenant.

Sparks and Partners Consulting Engineers have been appointed by Taylor to provide hydraulic consultancy services for executing this strategically important development. PolAir includes approximately 3,000 square meter of office space across two levels, 7,500 sqm of hangar space and adjoining aprons, taxiways, carparks and landscaped areas. The total development area exceeds 25,000 square meter.

The project involves consolidation of all existing operations of the NSW Police Force Aviation Support Branch (PolAir) into a single purpose-built facility. The proposed PolAir facility will include a two storey office building, hangars for helicopter and fixed wing operations, aprons, parking areas and minor modifications to existing taxiways. Ancillary facilities including sprinkler tanks and pump room, amenities (showers, toilets, lockers, laundry and wetsuit drying rooms), trailer storage, stormwater detention and landscaping. Potable, non-potable and waste water services for the proposed PolAir facility will include:

  • Sanitary drainage to provide direct discharge to the sewer system;
  • Trade waste drainage to areas, to be defined in consultation with Sydney Water, to allow treatment prior to discharge to the sewer system;
  • Domestic cold water service throughout the proposed PolAir facility from the existing water mains;
  • A non-potable water service will be reticulated throughout the laboratory and testing areas via a zoned backflow prevention device;
  • A domestic hot water service throughout the proposed PolAir facility.

Hydraulic engineering services were rendered for the tender/CC and Construction Stage.

Hydraulic Engineering Services

  • Undertake site inspection to determine site opportunities and constraints;
  • Review existing services through DBYD enquiry;
  • Liaise with relevant authorities & undertake pressure flow enquiry with Sydney Water;
  • Attend design coordination meetings;
  • Prepare preliminary sketch plans and details for design development and coordination;
  • Design and documentation (CAD drawings PDF/DWG formats) including:
    • Roof drainage, balcony drainage and downpipe design;
    • Sewer Drainage;
    • Sanitary Plumbing and drainage;
    • Cold Water Service;
    • Hot Water Service;
    • Rainwater re-use and filtration service;
    • Fire Hydrant Services;
    • Fire Hose Reel Services;
  • Hydraulic Services Specification;
  • Greenstar input;
  • Provision of design certification.

Construction Phase Services

  • Undertake periodic quality assurance inspections to ensure all works are undertaken in accordance with approved plans and specifications;
  • Respond to RFI’s in a timely manner.

Final Inspection

  • Undertake final inspection, prepare and provide inspection report outlining items for rectification;
  • Provision of construction compliance certification.