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Hydraulic & Stormwater – Quality Hydraulic Engineering since 1989

Hydraulic and stormwater engineering consulting services

As a home-grown small business, Sparks+Partners understands that good customer service can be hard to come by and harder to maintain. Top-quality work alone does not make for great client partnerships – it must be supported by unforgettable service.

Sparks+Partners hydraulics team takes pride in its client focus. We listen to you carefully and collaborate with you so that we can create the best-fit design to the most complex engineering challenges and stringent project requirements. The results are unique, cost-effective outcomes tailored to each project.

Quality problem-solving is critical to the design process for each individual brief. Sparks+Partners can be relied on to find environmentally sound, energy-efficient, cost-sensitive water supply systems that work for you.

Upholding our approach is an extensive body of experience, gathered through consulting on hydraulic projects in a variety of sectors. We continue to adapt our services to meet changing times and needs, developing strategies that help you achieve the practical design and budget-sensitive solutions.

Our team offers valuable industry insights into the latest available practices, new-to-market fittings and fixtures, and current regulations and compliance. This approach ensures we are always ready to tap into our trusted name and robust relationships within the industry.

Sparks+Partners’ innovative approach to hydraulics can be applied during any phase of your project, from initial concepts to design, budgeting, authority approvals and liaison, staged construction, delivery and finally, client sign-off.

Our project portfolio is always expanding. These diverse and multi-faceted engineering projects are widely expected to further cement our capabilities and strong reputation as quality leaders in the discipline of hydraulic engineering.

Coldwater design
Back-flow prevention
Heat trace
Hot water plants and reticulations
Warm water systems
Point of use systems
Rainwater re-use systems, filtration, and reticulation design
Sewer drainage for individual lots, multi-story, subdivision estate scale
Sanitary plumbing
Vacuum drainage
Gas reticulation for both Natural and LPG
Trade waste drainage and applications
Roof drainage, box, and eaves gutter design and rainwater downpipes
Stormwater detention, retention, and sub-soil design
Liaison with authorities and suppliers including councils, utilities and services, such as Sydney Water and Jemena

Association of Hydraulic Services Consultants Australia (HCAA)
Institute of Plumbing Australia (MIPA)
Stormwater Industry Association of NSW (SIA)