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Civil & Environmental – Civil Engineering with an Environmental Focus


Civil Engineering with an Environmental Focus

Civil and environmental engineering services

Building better cities for current and future generations creates a real need for innovative civil engineering ideas and practice. We understand that when developing these solutions, a sympathetic integration of the environment, infrastructure, and built form is key to successfully creating spaces where everyone can thrive.

Each of our divisions at Sparks+Partners works hand-in-hand to build better solutions. Our dedicated civil engineering division complements our existing in-house skills and services by providing a natural transition from internal hydraulics to external civil services.

The Sparks+Partners civil engineering team offers a pool of talented engineers and draftspeople that enhance our practice overall. In line with our commitment to quality, these expert engineers keep us abreast of the latest in civil engineering technology and practices.

The dynamic civil team has worked on projects ranging from single-dwelling residential extensions to complete subdivisions, industrial and commercial developments, institutional and public works. The team is involved at all stages of a build, including initial concept designs, budgeting, authority approvals and liaisons, construction and most importantly, final delivery.

Sparks+Partners aims to offer simple solutions that are clear and concise, with comprehensive supporting designs and documentation. The ultimate goal is a smooth experience for you, focussed on reducing requests for information (RFIs) from authorities, architects, principals, sub-contractors and consultants.

From a technology perspective, Sparks+Partners civil can perform detailed 3D modeling using 12D, Civil 3D and Civil Site Design software. We can deliver drainage modelling using 12D DRAINS and HEC-RAS, and water quality modeling using the MUSIC program.

Armed with an in-depth understanding of planning and approvals processes, our civil team is dedicated to seeing out the successful completion of your projects from concept to construction.

Water Specialties

Stormwater drainage design for an individual lot through to estate scale, pipe drainage and overland flow path analysis
WSUD (Water Sensitive Urban Design)
Bio-retention and water cycle management
Rainwater tank design, water balancing, and tank size optimisation


Design and Analysis

AutoCAD – 2D documentation and plans
12D + Civil 3D, Civil Site Design – 3D modeling, road networks, bulk earthworks, and drainage
DRAINS – 1D drainage networks
HEC-RAS – 1D channel flow



Single dwelling to multi-unit high rise
Carpark layout and design plus public domain works including footpaths, roads, and driveways
On-site detention design for above and below ground storage
Rainwater tank design, water balancing, and tank size optimisation


Commercial & Industrial

Single lot through to subdivision
Finished levels grading for individual lots, roads and subdivisions
Pavement and road design including industrial pavements