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How to Contact Us Today

We recommend you use email as your first tool of contact. If you have the email of the person you wish to contact please email them with your enquiry.

If you must speak directly to one of our team members, refer to their mobile phone details first (Project Leads and Senior Engineers generally have their mobile detailed in their email signature). 

For team members that do not have a mobile and you don’t have their email address, send your enquiry to admin@sparksandpartners.com.au. In the email, please ensure you include the basics:

  • Your name
  • Project reference
  • Enquiry details
  • Your best contact number or email

We will pass on the message on promptly and endeavour to answer you as soon as possible.

Please understand, we are not trying to be obstructive or make your job difficult. The bulk of our staff are working remotely, and online communication is the most effective way to reach them at this time. We have a skeleton crew in the office undertaking essential services and tasks that cannot be performed remotely.

Be polite and courteous to our team on the front line, they are doing it tough and are going above and beyond to keep our business and your projects running.

COVID-19 Response

We recommend you use email to contact us. If you have the email of the person you wish to contact please send them an enquiry.

Visit COVID-19 Response Updates for the latest on operations at Sparks+Partners.

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