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St George Hospital Birthing Suite and Theatre

The NSW Government committed $11.5 million to the St George Hospital Birthing Suite and Theatre refurbishment. This project follows the $277 million St George Hospital redevelopment, officially opened in 2017, where Sparks+Partners also provided the hydraulic designs. The fit-for-purpose unit, including water immersion facilities, replaced the original suites built in 1972, last upgraded in 1991. The redevelopment also included the refurbishment of existing operating theatres in the Hospital, which manage more than 17,500 surgeries for patients each year and opened in February 2020.

The purpose-built birthing unit completed by Fugen Constructions is twice the size of the old unit. It includes eight extra-large birthing rooms for delivery, all with oversized bathtubs, two acute assessment rooms and the latest neonatal monitoring technology. The eight birthing rooms measure approximately 40 square metres and feature curved walls, large-scale artworks and soothing colours. At the same time, resuscitation areas are hidden behind wall panelling but are easily accessible.

Sparks+Partners focussed on the design of the world-class birth-tubs. We formulated a solution that met the requirements for filling the bath in a set timeframe, specific temperature settings and sanitary removal of wastewater.

The final design complimented the advanced neonatal technology used across the maternity ward. Construction was carried out onsite during uninterrupted operation. The new birthing environment is warm, welcoming and uplifting, and will serve an estimated 2300 women who give birth at the Hospital each year.