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Wet & Dry Fire Services – Protection, Detection and Alarms

Wet and Dry Fire Services: Protection, Detection, and Alarms

Fire Protection Systems (FPS) is a crucial and highly specialised field of services engineering.

Sparks+Partners take this niche field seriously. We have established a division dedicated to servicing projects that require detailed input and advice regarding active and passive FPS. Our fire services team combines deemed-to-satisfy design with industry best practice and are committed to working in partnership from the start, developing the right solution for you every time.

Fire detection and alarm systems play an important role in life safety in buildings. Sparks+Partners’ fire design experience comes from a range of projects such as retail, residential, industrial, high-rise, and large commercial and assembly buildings. We can provide the best options to suit your project environment.

By collaborating closely with architects early in the process, we can identify any potential issues concerning fire systems. Aligning ourselves with fire safety engineers ensures our systems design supports your brief. This reduces the likelihood of unforeseen costs and gives you access to alternative and innovative design practices. Being closely involved in the construction phase and progress inspections, we can ensure the workmanship of the systems installed and their compliance with relevant authority codes.

Sparks+Partners also offers fire systems assessment, audits on existing buildings, and reporting on system compliance to the building’s original standards. Further recommendations are tabled to provide the client with a clear understanding of their facility, and where upgrades or compliance needs to be achieved.

We liaise with all service teams to achieve a unified approach to smoke compartmentation and hazard management, fire egress and compartmentation, and alternative solutions in fire engineering reports.

We’re dedicated to seeing a project through from concept to completion, working closely with project teams on all aspects of specialist wet and dry fire service, protection, detection and alarms.

We are also members of the Fire Protection Association Australia (FPA).


Fire Specialties

Industrial warehouses
Commercial and office fit-out
Retail and shopping centres
Residential units and high rise buildings


Design Capabilities

Australian Standards (AS)
National Fire Protection
Association (NFPA)
Factory Mutual (FM)
Members of Fire Protection Association Australia (FPA)


Wet Fire Services

Fire sprinkler and drencher systems
Combined hydrant and sprinkler systems
Gas and foam suppression systems
Fire hydrant and hose reel systems
Deluge fire systems
Protection system assessment and audits


Dry Fire Services

Fire and smoke hazard detection
Building Occupant Warning Systems
Multi-point Aspirating Smoke Detection
Portable fire extinguishers and blankets
Sound systems and intercom systems for emergency purposes
Beam detection systems
Detection system assessment and audits