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2D & 3D Modelling – 2D AutoCAD & 3D Revit / BIM Modelling & Design

2D AutoCAD & 3D Revit / BIM Modelling & Design

Real-world Applications

Sparks+Partners understands deeply that benefits flow both ways when we stay at the forefront of technological advancements.

We have made a significant investment in Building Information Modelling (BIM), bringing about savings in time and money on both sides of the project table. We’re confident the full capabilities of information modelling are yet be unleashed.

Following extensive training to improve his Revit/BIM capabilities, S+P have quickly up-skilled our design team through an intensive learning program while expanding our bandwidth by employing more resources.

The real-world application of BIM can now be harnessed at its full potential when driven by one of our skilled team members. The true power of BIM is that it helps solve real-world challenges, in real detail and in real time.

Building Information Modelling

Emerging and advancing technologies are being adopted by industry at a rapid rate. In response Sparks+Partners has boosted our service innovation using the power of Building Information Modelling (BIM).

Our BIM-ready design team can provide significant value-added benefits, such as faster project delivery and installation, more practical and better designs, and detailed coordination with other services.

Computer-Aided Design (CAD) has long been integral to the engineering field. BIM takes CAD to the next level; it fully integrates coordinated building information models to create visual 3D design walkthroughs. This enhances client understanding, ultimately ensuring fewer changes throughout the design and construction process.

In addition to BIM, we combine CAD Autodesk’s 3D modelling software and collaboration tools within the commonly used Navisworks Manage. This ensures effective projects management, with completion to design requirements and budgets through shared information points.

We encourage informatiharing with external consultants as part of the delivery solution, and our multi-disciplinary method incorporates clash detection synchronisation to preserve data integrity. Sparks+Partners use BIM-generated data for internal and external applications, including information and design development, geometric cords, documentation and scheduling via common file formats (RVT, IFC, DWG, DGN and DXF).


3D Walkthroughs

We are BIM experts and create ‘virtual tour’ walkthroughs for clients using Autodesk software, a simplified tool that produces high-quality 3D designs. A walkthrough is like a camera that guides you through 3D plans, providing an unparalleled virtual platform to visualise and review proposed engineering solutions.


Modelling Services

Revit and MEP approved
AutoCAD – 2D documentation of engineering plans
Autodesk Revit – 3D modelling, BIM,
Bluebeam / PDF sketch plans
Navisworks Manage allows a fully coordinated project


BIM Data Sharing Protocols

Data contained within our BIM files are used internally and externally for:
– Information and design development
– Geometric co-ordination
– Documentation production
– Quantities schedules
– Navisworks Manage to perform clash detection for co-ordination purposes
– Capable of using most file formats such as RVT, IFC, DWG, DGN and DXF


Additional Design Services

Workshop and penetration drawings