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A City Supported by Infrastructure

November 20, 2019 by in S+P News

The Place-based Infrastructure Compact

When preparing A Metropolis of Three Cities – the Greater Sydney Region Plan, Sydneysiders told us that the new jobs and homes needed to support our growing city must be created in an orderly way – in the right places, at the right time.

This is what sparked the idea of a Place-based Infrastructure Compact (PIC): a strategic planning model that looks holistically at a place to better align growth with the provision of infrastructure and services.

The PIC provides a collaborative way for NSW Government agencies, utility providers and local councils to answer critical questions for transforming areas:

  • Can existing infrastructure be extended or improved, or is new investment needed?
  • What will it cost?
  • How it will be funded?
  • When can it be delivered?

With support from over 20 government agencies, the Commission piloted the PIC model in GPOP.

Read a summary of the Place-based Infrastructure Compact model (PDF 2MB) or read the full draft Paper about the GPOP PIC Pilot (PDF 6MB)


GPOP stands for Greater Parramatta and the Olympic Peninsula — a 6,000-hectare area at the core of the Central City, and the centre of Greater Sydney. It spans 13 km east–west from Strathfield to Westmead, and 7 km north–south from Carlingford to Lidcombe and Granville.

Our vision for GPOP over the next 20 years is for a city and urban hub at Greater Sydney’s heart – Our true centre: the connected, unifying heart.

Already one of the fastest growing areas in Greater Sydney, GPOP will continue to be a major generator of new jobs and housing in the future. For GPOP to reach its potential it must become more liveable, productive and sustainable as it grows. The success of GPOP is a critical step in bringing the three cities vision to life.

Exploring the future of GPOP

Starting with the vision for GPOP, the 18-month PIC Pilot developed four realistic scenarios over 10, 20- and 40-years based on expected jobs and housing growth, and infrastructure and services to support them.

The scenarios were evaluated to identify the most cost-effective way to sequence growth in each of the 26 precincts across GPOP.

The PIC resulted in a clear understanding of what is needed, and the costs to support growth and create great places for the community and businesses.

Read GPOP – Our true centre: the connected unifying heart (PDF 3MB)

Source: A City Supported by Infrastructure | Greater Sydney Commission