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Swire Cold Storage

Sparks & Partners coordinated with the end client Swire Cold Storage and worked with builders from Prime Constructions and Nettleton Tribe architects to deliver the $13 million dollar project.

Swire‘s large scale design and construct contract, for Lurnea project stages 3 to 4 provided a 9,500m2 extension to their existing cold storage facility in south west Sydney. Consisting of 6,500m2 frozen storage space (-27o), a 3,000m2 refrigerated annexe area, 400m2 of office space, 300m2 of battery charge room, 5,000m2 of external hardstand area and a further 700m2 of new car parking for the complex. Constructed from a steel frame (14m springing height), PIR insulation panels and a concrete flooring system laid over a passive floor ventilation system.

The project is built with 50% of the freezer on a suspended slab structure over a flood storage area to meet Council requirements. Intergrated with and connected to the existing facility and the refrigeration operation maintained throughout construction.