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Reece Plumbing & Bathrooms Distribution Centre

Reece is Australia’s leading supplier of plumbing and bathroom products. Following significant growth in the construction industry, the company needed to overhaul its warehouse facility.

Sparks+Partners was engaged by Prime Constructions as the D&C for developer, Dexus Property Group. We provided detailed design services for the civil and hydraulic components of the project. These include bulk earthworks, finished levels grading, stormwater drainage for the civil engineering component, sewer, water supply and fire services for the hydraulic component.

Two main challenges affected civil design. The site was constrained by having a set stormwater connection invert level and needing to minimise the importation of fill. This meant that bulk earthworks were undertaken in two stages, the first under the direct instruction of the developer and the second stage by the design and construction team.

Adding to the challenge of the bulk earthworks, initially the estimated volumes were based on an old survey. This meant we had to obtain compliance surveys to check against the design and original survey, even as the first stage of earthworks had started. Our check was then provided back to the developer and D&C to adjust contract amounts for the earthworks.

To meet the constraints of the stormwater and reduce fill, we had to design the stormwater pipe drainage to fall at a minimum grade of 0.5 per cent. The Civil team modelled the proposed drainage network in detail, using DRAINS to confirm pipe sizes, overland flows and the overall adequacy.

Sparks+Partners modelling demonstrated that the system would work efficiently in storm events up to and including the 1 per cent Annual Exceedance Probability (AEP), including tolerance for blockages.

  • The site area was approximately 36,000 square metres
  • Warehouse and office area of approximately 19,980 square metres
  • Approximately 1,000 metres of stormwater pipe