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Kensington Street Heritage Site

Working in conjunction with the plumbing skills of Newport Plumbing Services (NPS) and the expertise of Rapid Construction. Sparks+Partners provided hydraulic, stormwater and fire services designed to integrate seamlessly with this heritage re-development.

A collection of images showing the structures in Kensington Street Chippendale in various stages of repair, renovation and refurbishment. The project has been a fascinating one for our team – the terraces at numbers 16 through 48 were built between 1846 and 1880 and remained substantially unchanged and in the ownership of the Brewery until the early 21st century, while the warehouse at number 2-10 Kensington Street was constructed around 1911. It was used originally as a vehicle garage and subsequently as a Bonded Store for casks of rum by the Brewery. All are of Heritage significance both in their own right and as a component of the former Tooths and Co./Carlton United Breweries site. Working on all of the properties has been a journey of discovery and reward for Rapid as the street and the buildings are conserved and adapted for retail and commercial restaurant purposes. – Rapid Construction


Photos Courtesy of Rapid Construction