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Jaguar Land Rover Showroom

The premier Trivett Jaguar Land Rover Showroom required the demolition of an existing building to construct the high-end multi-level motorcar showroom and service workshop, plus on-site parking for 109 vehicles.

Sparks+Partners were involved with the exciting project from the very beginning, providing hydraulic services, spatial planning and infrastructure assessment for the initial architectural concept and design.

Civil engineering services were also provided to support the Development Application (DA) submitted to the local consent authority, this being Parramatta City Council.

It took particular care and skill to create the necessary designs and DA, something that is only possible with multiple levels of collaboration, first between the three Sparks+Partners disciplines, and then between Sparks+Partners and the local Council, who have comprehensive Water Sensitive Urban Design policy. It was these collaborations that resulted in a compliant design and DA approval.

Sparks+Partners then worked closely with Centric Architects to further develop the detailed design of the project and will be working with the builder to provide ongoing construction phase services and support.

Sparks+Partners is located in the heart of Parramatta, and we are proud to be involved with such local projects as a means of not only demonstrating our knowledge of local planning but also of establishing the pride we have in the local community.

We are committed to maintaining a local presence and contributing to both Western Sydney’s and Parramatta’s vision of becoming Sydney’s true second city.